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Weekly Letter

Place: Zhongtian Beijing Primary School, Guiyang


Part 1  一年级

Review contents:Animal´s Habitats复习:动物的栖息地

Our 2nd Unit, called I am Alive, has finished, and the students needed to review all the contents to pass their evaluation. During this unit, students have learnt several topics that belong to different subjects: Science, Art, Geography and PE. Our students really liked some of these topics,such as Animals and their Habitats. All three of our IPC classes were reviewing these topics during this week using fun activities and games. They reviewed which animals belong to each habitat and the characteristics of these places. Students and teachers created big colored posters to represent each habitat. Each poster has pictures of animals and students learnt how to categorize the correct animals in their perfect habitat.


Review: Farm and Jungle Animals复习:农场动物和丛林动物

Among our different topics, animals were one of their favourite and they truly enjoyed the activities and games used to review these contents. Students classified the animals in two groups: Farm and Jungle animals. They used pictures, flashcards, songs and some videos to review this topic.


Parts of the Plant植物的结构

Other interesting topics that our students have learnt during the 2nd unit, is the Parts of the Plant. In unit 1, they learnt the Life Cycle of a Plant; therefore, this unit was the perfect moment to learn each part of a plant and also, the plants´ needs. Students have learnt that a plant has 4 parts: Roots, Stem, Leaves and Flowers. Teachers have been using flashcards on the board to review and improve their visual memory.


Numbers: Plus and Equals数字:加法和等式

During this semester, the students have learnt math in English too. They've already known how to solve equations below 10 using English terms like: Plus (+) and Equals (=). Obviously, our students and teachers were reviewing the different ways to add numbers in an equation that would result in ten.


English Class: Alphabet      英语课:  字母表

During English class, students have been reviewing the alphabet using flashcards on the board. In class 3, Mr. Dennis introduced a game to help students identify the missing letters without having to recite the entire alphabet. It was not easy in the beginning but very useful in the end.


This week we also had our IPC final evaluation of the 1st semester. There were several stages or stations, one stage for each topic of the first two units. One of the stages was for the Parts of the Body with Mrs. Annie, another one was about School Supplies with Mr. Dennis. Each teacher had to evaluate a different topic through interesting and practical activities. Ms. Eva was in charge of the Math Station, Ms. Lisa oversaw the Animals´ Station, Ms. Helen asked students about Healthy or Unhealthy food and Mr. David had to assess the Parts of a Plant. Besides, there were more stations like those ones dedicated to Geography and Landmarks, supervised by Lyric and Roey and, the Life Cycles Station with Mrs. Sween. All students did a great job in this evaluation because they all have been improving their knowledge and skills in different ways. Here you can see some of our students undergoing their final evaluation.


Part 2  二年级

Let’s Celebrate: Music, Society, and PE! 让我们一起庆祝吧:音乐,社会和体育

In T. Rowena and T. Cathy’s class, the students practice their Christmas dances and learn the phrase “follow the dance steps.” Time to get some exercise!

在Rowena和Cathy的课堂上,孩子们练习了关于圣诞节的舞蹈,并学会了“follow the dance steps”这句话。是时候锻炼一下了!

Independent Learning独立学习

This week in T. Lolomi and T. Jojo’s class, the students practiced demonstrating their knowledge about Christmas. They used the vocab words and statements like “I know,” “I can,” and “I understand” and presented their knowledge to the class. Very advanced!

这周,在Lolomi和Jojo的课堂上,学生们练习并分别向全班展示了他们对圣诞节的了解。他们使用了如“I know”,“I can”和“I understand”的词汇和语句进行描述。进步真大!

Comic Strip Stories!漫画故事

Using the portfolio packets, the students made a story using the four boxes. After they created their art, T. Liz and T. Phoebe’s students wrote who their main character was and what the comic strip was about. As an example, T. Liz read a story about a nervous mouse named, Wemberly, and then turned the story into a comic strip (as seen in the top left photo).


Welcome to our class Pt.1欢迎来到我们的课堂Pt.1

During observations T. Lolomi and T. Jojo reviewed transportation and checked on the student’s work. Mr. Dave, Ms. Quinna, Mr. Ferris, and Ms. Sanny had a great time seeing the kids in action.


Welcome to our class Pt.2欢迎来到我们的课堂Pt.2

In T. Liz and T. Phoebe’s class, visitors watched as the students listened to “Silent Night” and wrote about what they felt and what they noticed about the music. Most kids thought it was a sad song, but some kids didn’t. It was a blast listening to music and thinking about it seriously!

在Liz和Phoebe的课堂上,参观者们观看了同学们的学习过程。学生们通过聆听“Silent Night”这首歌曲,写下了他们的感受和对音乐的认识。大多数孩子认为这是一首悲伤的歌,有些孩子却有不同意见。聆听音乐并认真思考其含义就是一个头脑风暴!

Welcome to our class Pt.3欢迎来到我们的课堂Pt.3

T.Rowena and T. Cathy had an amazing display on the day of the observation! The art and museums from the last five weeks were out on display. The students orally reviewed Christmas and inquired about the knowledge they had gained. It was a wonderful time. T. Rowena even played the guitar! 在课堂体验当天,Rowena和Cathy有一个惊人的展示!她们将过去五周的艺术课内容和博物馆作品都陈列了出来。学生们回顾了圣诞节内容,并通过回答问题的方式,展现了所学知识。这是一个美好的时光。Rowena还用吉他为大家表演!








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